Jab le hamra ke tu na debu (Remix to Raja Raja Bhojpuri)


If you still don’t know Radheshyam Rasiya, I would recommend you pick a garbage bag and perform erotic asphyxiation on your dog or cat or mouse or whatever pet you have or you can checkout my other post


This legend rose to fame with the classic video… Raja Raja Bhojpuri

Usually, for every musical legend, there is an idiot who creates a remix to spoil the legend’s hard work. But this time DJ Mirchi Mix had got it right. Now this DJ Mirchi mix is no newbie and is known for his award winning tracks “Nathuniya pe goli maare” and “Lehenge se lage hawa” . I have to admit, DJ Mirchi Mix has done justice to the original video (to be discussed later). He has not taken it to the next level, neither has created a masterpiece, but DJ Mirchi Mix has created a simple and ‘a dil ko chhoo jaane wala track’, which really picks up towards the end. There is a 47 sec music sequence, right in the beginning, before the singing starts. This gives you ample chance to check out the lead item girl (in two different dresses revealing different set of curves) and the side kicks, obviously wearing skimpy outfits. There is enough footage of the of the interesting body parts (which will keep you glued to the screen). All in all, a good video addressing the interests of all demographic sections. So, without further ado,  I bring to you Raja Raja Bhojpuri Remix by DJ Mirchi Mix. Hope you enjoy.

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