Jaam Aadmi Party – Is baar daru bahegi!!!

Ab Bharat mein daru bahegi!!!

Ab Bharat mein daru bahegi!!!

After massive betrayal of the people of India at the hands of Aam Aadmi Party or Palm Aadmi Party (PAP as we call them now), we have decided to launch a party actually willing to stand by its principles and not compromise. It may sound cliché but is actually true. Above all rights in the world, lies the ‘Right to Drink’. We in India are oppressed as drinkers and labeled as ‘Drunkards’. The purpose of ‘Jaam Aadmi Party’ is to create a Free Thinking society that respects the ‘Drinkers’ and gets them into mainstream.


Q. Why should drinking be limited to Pubs, bars or households?

Q. Why does the society look down upon drinkers?

Q. Why does an individual have to wait 18 years and 21 years before he/she can start drinking?

Q. Why is drinking not taught as a subject in school?

Q. Why is drinking not allowed in public?


60 years ago India’s founding forefathers had a dream for all of us – a dream of an equal and just society where every man, woman and child has the right and privilege to drink to satisfy their souls, free from all kinds of oppression. This was a dream and a hope over 60 years ago. The Constitution of India is supposed to have a great focus on drinking. In fact, the Preamble to the Constitution should define a clear roadmap for the future drinkers of our country wherein the common man and woman can hold their glass and the power to decide their drinks.

Today nobody can say that India has achieved this dream. Before independence the common man was a slave to foreign powers; today he has become a slave of the costly foreign liquor. There is a new master in our country today – the political ‘Bartender’. This ’Bartender’, who provides free liquor during elections, and then forgets us after he wins, this political entity decides the common man’s drinking destiny.

But every civilization reaches a plimsoll line of tolerance or the brim of the glass. This is our line. India’s common drinker has had enough of oppression, inequality, injustice and un-kept promises. For the last few years our pro drinking movement has galvanised the country from end to end into one common voice – a voice that is demanding a complete re-haul in the way political ‘bartenders’ and their leaders function.

This national demand for a change in the way our drinking system works has forced our pro drinking drive to enter the political arena to clean it from the inside. Drinking is not a dirty act – it is our current breed of drinkers who have made it dirty. Jaam Aadmi Party wants to make drinking a noble calling once again.

We want to create a system where the political leaders we elect and place in the Parliament are directly responsible to the voters who elected them. Our party’s vision is to realise the dream of SWADRINK that Aandhi Daruwala had envisaged for a free drinking India – where the power of selecting and the rights of mixing and consuming their drinks will be in hands of the people of India.


  1. Piyo sang paani Piyo sang soda, Jyada nahi to thoda thoda!!
  2. Don’t fear drink beer, koi kuch bole to Jaam Aadmi Party is Here!!
  3. Piyo jameen ke upar, piyo neeche aasmaan ke, Jeete hai shaan se aur peete hai sanmaan se!!
  4. We are not here for votes, just to raise a toast.
  5. Ab Bharat mein daru bahegi!!!

We are a small party, with a big thought and we are not here for votes. We just want to raise a toast. If you agree with us and want to be a part of this, just mail us at jaamaadmiparty@gmail.com or comment below.


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