Looney darindey’s looney videos for 2013


We are already into 2014 and its time we released the list of videos that rocked 2013 for us. From the list of millions of videos present on Youtube, we have short but strong list of 4 videos. Now these videos were not released in 2013, but are still the top videos for Looney Darindey. In 2014, we promise that we will do a complete blog post on all of the singers (except one).

Video 4:

Gandhiji had said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” but we say that “Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye will not only make the world blind, but also deaf and may be dead.” So without further ado, we bring  to you “Eye to Eye”.

Video 3:

Do you love Sunday morning? Frankly I prefer Saturday more, but Sunday morning gives you the feel that next day is Monday and you still have a job. One fine Sunday morning, thanks to a friend for mine from Delhi (who does not listen to Yo Yo Honey Singh) shared this wonder from Nepal, Bhim Niroula

Video 2:

The contender for the number two spot is a beast called Jon Lajoie. The creator of videos like ‘High as Fuck’, ‘Rapist glasses’ , ‘Fuck Everythin’, brings to you ‘Show me your genitals!!!’. This video was released almost half a decade back, but still we love it and could listen to this all day long (if high).

The winner for this  contest, no points for guessing again is Radhe Shyam Rasiya Ji. We have already done a detailed blog post Fifty Shades of Radheshyam Rasiya, but here is our winner for 2013.

We hope you like this list and wish you a very very happy new year.




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