Morning Potty, the real joy of life


Sorry for the long absence. We were busy beating the hell outta each other. There was a major difference of opinion on whether a post about something as preposterous as morning potty should be allowed on to the blog. We took a poll, which turned out to be fifty-fifty. Hence, we had to decide in a fist fight, in which the strong won and the weak were defeated. This fight has resulted into 3 ruptured limbs,2 swollen eyes and 12 broken teeth. But, it was important to hold the ‘Freedom of Artistic Expression’ as high as possible.

Morning Potty – Aadmi ko kya chahiye, do waqt ki Roti aur subah ki ek mast wali potty!!!

One fine day, when ‘Mr. Kinky Cobra’ the author of ‘Sex and the Nighty’  and ‘Hajmolawala’ was busy doing his morning thing, he happened to drop this gem (I mean, Literary Gem). This is by far the most poetic potty in history. Just hold your breath, and feel the morning…

Ah that feeling...

Ah that feeling…

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