You won’t believe what this Kuwaiti scholar says about beating wives!!!

You won’t believe what this Kuwaiti scholar says about beating wives!!!

Introduction: Jassem Al-Mutawa is a Kuwaiti scholar and is the president of Iqra satellite channel; an Islamic TV channel presenting programs on everyday life problems concerning spiritual, cultural, social and economic issues from a modern Islamic perspective.

Description: The show starts with Jassem Al-Mutawa holding three long rods and saying, “Today we discuss imposing discipline in the family”.  He is asking the audience, which rod can be used to impose discipline in the family and then carefully examines different rods in his hands.

He says, “Family disciplining is the right of the husband toward his wife, and vice versa.”

There are some hilarious quotes in here, such as,

“Now let’s take a look together at this big rod here” followed by, “Someone said to me, I have a long rod at home and whenever my wife does something wrong, look what I do to her with this rod”.

A few minutes into the show, out of nowhere appears, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hajj, who says, “The steering wheel of the family is in the hands of the husband.”

“Men are the guardians of women” He also explains his progressive framework for dealing with a “rebellious wife”, where he clearly distinguishes between harsh and non-harsh beatings, but makes clear that “One must not hit a women’s face”. He also states that beatings are OK, but the ones that cause fractures and wounds are not good. The funniest part is, “a wife does not need to use her hands to beat the husband, because women are weaker than men.”

Some other highlights of this super hilarious show and some life changing quotes are mentioned below:

  1. Husband should beat his wife with a handkerchief – Ibn Abbas
  2. Husband should beat his wife with a toothpick – Other Scholars
  3. Woman is built weaker than the man – Jassem

Conclusion: The conclusion (as per the video) here is, one should not beat his wife with the intention of being mean or revenge, but to communicate a message that he is not pleased with his behavior. “Start being yourself and be good.”

In the end, Jassem states few statistics, such as in the USA every 12 seconds a husband beats his wife, some of which also result in death. So before the west criticizes them for wife beating they should check their own facts.

He also states that the only cure for sadism and masochism is “Beatings!”. He says, “If a man is married to a woman suffering from sadism – let him beat her.”

Our View: Even though Jassem provides a very balanced view of “Wife Beating”, we despise the idea of wife beating in the first place. We think it is a bullshit practice, as a man has no right over a woman’s body. We do not want to hurt any religion, but beating women is for cowards and not men. Please do not beat your wives. If you notice a man beating a woman, don’t just stand there, stop him immediately.

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