Thou shall not use my meme plate!!!

Thou shall not use my meme plate!!!

Memes are supposed to make you laugh. If you follow meme pages, you will realise what kind of freedom of expression is offered by them. In fact if a picture is worth 1000 words, a meme is worth 10000 pictures. What once started as joke has now become a way of life for some. Memes are occasionally used by younger generation to vent out their frustration. It is not only effective, but also offers us a window into the minds of future generation. Memers are excellent communicators and someone who need to be taken seriously. Often Facebook pages are categorised into ‘normies’ and ‘dank’. While normies propagate the popular thinking, dank pages offer a much darker perspective towards the world. The former are much careful in there approach, but the latter are far more honest. For dank pages, nothing is out of bounds and everyone usually takes things in good spirit. They are a wonderful example of a promising future, where people wont get offended as quickly. The purpose of this blog post is to highlight an ongoing meme war between a big Normie Website and one such Dank Page.

Recently a page called Andi Mandi Shandi was zucced (banned), when they used a template used by a major normie website. This website often posts articles that I personally think are written by monkeys. In fact, if monkeys learn writing and gif making, they will write way better articles. To put in bland terms, this website seems nothing more than a clickbait. Over a period of time they have evolved into something big and a means to control people’s thinking. Now the two pages published memes with a similar meme template. Both these memes can be seen here – Meme War.

As you can see both memes are similar, and both pages claim that their content is original. In a utopian world, it should have ended here, but the larger website apparently reported Andi Mandi Shandi for copyright violation and the page got zucced. Prima facie this may look like a small matter, but to understand the problem faced by memers, you need to deep dive in their world. It is extremely difficult to run meme page in today’s world, because many a times the content they post is slightly offensive in nature. Which results in posts getting reported and pages getting zucced, which makes it difficult for them to build a base of regular followers.  So, when something like this happens, it furts them further. Now, as people suggest that offence is not given it is taken. For example some may find this image of our respected Foreign Minister offensive, even if the supporting article might not be in a bad taste. But is this image so offensive that someone reports it to MEA or police and gets this page banned? This is a question, answer to which I will leave it to my readers.

Another fun fact about this large website is that that often content creators have blamed them of using their images without consent and resulting in copyright violation claims. We cannot validate their claims, but most definitely think, if this is the case, they should not have reported a much smaller page unnecessarily to get it zucced. The dank memer community in India is in minority and most definitely angered by this zuccing. In today’s world when President of the United States tweets from Dank Memes, it is most definitely not a wise move to mess with these memers. We all know what happened to CNN and their general perception. You take away something that’s the only thing that matters to someone in the life from them, they are not going to sit quietly. These dank memers are not sitting quietly and they have hit them back with this logo.

Scoop Poop

Credit: Buzzfeed Community Post

Few years back there was another content creator who had expressed anger on this website’s behaviour with a similar website ScoopPoop.

Sources suggest that dank memers even raided their app and got their rating down to 1.2, but since this was a raid, after some time their rating was restored to original. This has further outraged these memers and they are now planning their next move. Amongst all this madness, we have might lost a beautiful dank page that created content only for fun.

No matter who wins this battle, the dank memers have sure put up a wonderful fight and a lot of internet users are supporting them.

Which side are you on? Do comment in the post below.


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