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Fifty shades of Radhe Shyam Rasiya…


rsr1 It’s been almost a year now. It was last year at a Kanti Shah theme party, “Kanti Bina Shanti Nahi” that I was first introduced to Radhe Shyam Rasiya. Those who don’t know who is Radheshyam Rasiya Ji, have been simply wasting their lives. Those who know him, must have seen him in the video “Raja Raja kareja mein samaja”.

When Radheshyam Rasiya ji says “Bahiya mein kasike saiiyan, Maar lo kachakach”, the crowd goes bizzare. Not just the crowd, the Genelia look alike dancer too cannot control herself and half way through, i.e.after ‘Bahiya mein Kasike Saiyyan’, she ends up shouting “Hai Daiyyan” (the seductive kind). Well this is the magic of Radheshyam Ji. The video really takes off towards the end, with Psycho type screaming, which will put Mr. Hitchcock to shame. I did not see any other Radheshyam Ji videos after that for a long time. I thought Radheji to be a one hit wonder. But I was just being ignorant. Last week when i searched again for Radheshyam Rasiya Bhojpuri songs, I was surprised and shocked. A shock that lasted for almost a day.

The song is all about mathematics and counting. Well, everyone cant count, but what makes the difference is how you count. For example, we all know the finite series, 2,4,6,8,10. But the way Mithun Da counts is Gunda (do char cheh aath dus, bas) is something special and unique. Radheji also attempts something similar in this video. But due to his immense respect for Mithun Da, he decided to stop at 7. While the Genelia body double is there in this video, but her importance is slightly reduced, as she is just one among many here.

So, what is so special about Radheji anyways???

rsr2 What I understood is that Radheji has a unique and methodical approach to his videos.

  1. The girl in the tries to say something (she doesn’t say that to us, only Radheji can understand
  2. Then, Radheji understands and interprets it (Only he can decode those signals)
  3. He also analyzes that, so quickly that, he will put any IIM or IIT grad to rethink their education
  4. Then he presents his findings in “THE” authoritative manner, like it is a prophecy
  5. Approval received from the girls get proper representation in for of “Hai Daiyyan” and “Maar Daala Re” and “Ooh Aaah Ooh Aaah”
  6. Audience not only applaud, but also appreciate and celebrate in form of dance. This is shown at proper intervals in his videos.
  7. His signature move of “Pumping Fists” has close resemblance with “PSY’s” Gangnam Style. This is used in all the different videos, and depending on the situation, either he pumps in the air, or near the female lead dancer’s butt or breasts.
  8. Last, but not the least, the music is uber energetic. It will just get you off your feet in a jiffy. Some of his videos, due to the mixing abilities of his crew, will force PVD and DJ Tiesto to turn the turntables.

All said and done, Radheji seems to be a free spirited soul, and can in no way be restricted to the above framework. rsr3 Still, some of the aspects will be clear from the videos that follow. For example the next video, “Lehnga Utha De  Remote Se” shows Radheji’s vision for the future. A remote to lift women’s skirt, come on… every guys dream. But, mind it, the song has no vulgar intention. It is just a celebration of innovation and Radheji’s dreams. As they say, “Jahan na Pahuche Ravi, Wahan pahuche Kavi”. On similar lines, “Jahan na pahuche Dadaji, Wahan pahuche Radheji”. In the next video, Radheji goes straight for the jugular (read JUGS and read it aloud!!!). On deep inspection one can see that the song is of interest to both Obama and Kim Jong Un. He has identified two huge atom bombs in his sister in law’s blouse. The video is also important, because Radheshyam Ji reveals his full name – “Amitabh Ranjan Radheshyam Rasiya”. In the following video, Radheji has taken it to the next level. jernator This is the only video in the world to start with a generator sound. The cover is misguiding. In the beginning, you will notice that name of the video is “Bandh kar Jerenator” and Radheji pronounces as “Jerenator”, so does the chorus. The mixing in this track is phenomenal. The song is a struggle by several people to stop the running jerenator. The struggle lead by Radheji, soon becomes a revolution, which they win in the end. The jerenator stops, but the song will go on, as you can’t just watch this once.

Though Radheji is a superstar, but is no narcissist. Sometimes, he prefers to take the back seat by just singing. Still, you can feel Radheji’s presence throughout the video. Next video, choch se choch satake will illustrate this. A man and woman fight on behalf of their rooster and hen.  The real star in this video is the old fellow with blue t-shirt. He will make you believe that yes, Viagra does work.

And yeah, Radheji also has a softer side. His video, “Dosto Kya Ho Gaya” describes a tale of treachery and broken heart. A really touching song, which will make you think twice before falling in love again. The music in this song is rare nowadays in Indian music industry. When the nation is moving away from its roots, there are folks like Radheji who still remind use, where we belong.

Radheji is a powerhouse of talent and the list of the videos is endless. I will try my best to capture those videos in sequels to this post. His every video is unique and specially crafted. Radheji is an unsung superstar, already on his way to becoming a legend. His video, Fatafat Dalela endorses this. The specialty of this video is his entry. ‘HE SIMPLY APPEARS!!!’.

The above video was the final nail in coffin for me. I was rendered speechless and I am in loss of words for praising Shree Shree Amitabh Ranjan Radheshyam Rasiya ji. I will leave you (if you have lasted this long in the post) with some of his in action photos and some pictures of his legendary creations.

haukab hoifatatfat dalelafoluona fat gayika ho na koi


Iska naam ha Deo Das, isnmein se aati hai har dum baas!!!


Yeh kahani hai us shaitan ki us haiwan ki us gire hue insaan ki “jo ghusta hai lift mein lagaye bina deo… Aur phir kehta hai 4 press kar diyo.”

Ye baat hai pichle mahine ki 12 taareekh ki … Subah ka samay tha…. Traffic se hairan pareshaan hokar kuch masoom log office pahuche hi the. lift mein ghus kar lift band Karne hi wale hi the ki ek aawaaz aayi… “hold hold hold”. logo ko laga ki koi bechara hai…but little did they know ki BEchare ki shakal mein wo to ek BHEdiya hai. Jaise hi wo andar ghusa aur lift band ki… Log cheekhne chillane lag Gaye….rumal naak par rakh kar apni jaan bachane ki koshish karne lag Gaye. Us rakshas ki badbu se sabki jaan khatre mein aa gayi thi. Jaan bachane ke sare efforts vyarth the… Jab 4 floor pe he opened lift door, sirf Deo Das tha aur baaki sab behosh pade the. Lift ke bahar ke log ye nazara dekh kar hakke bakke reh gaye. Bahar aate hi Deo Das bola….

Mera naam hai Deo Das, mujhme se aati hai baas
Yeh aam nahi hai hai kuch khaas,
I can make behosh any lad and lass,
Mera naam hai Deo Das…

To dekha aapne kis tarah berehmi se ye Deo Das vaar Karta hai. Par ye akela nahi hai… Is ke saath hai iska poora giroh. Iske giroh mein gende ki khaal wale sarkari officer se lekar chikni chikni ladkiya bhi hai. HUM AAPKO CHETAWANI DETE HAI KI… YADI AAPKO DIKHTA HAI DEO DAS TO NA JAO USKE PAAS NAHI TO HOGA AAPKO BAAS KA TRAAS

Agar aapko is shaitan ke bare mein koi bhi jaankari milti hai to hume khabar kare. Agle hafte dekhenge hum us darindey ki daastaan jo LinkedIn pe ladkiya patata hai…

Cheeni Chudail

Cheeni Chudail

Pichle hafte apne dekha HAJMOLA khilakar ladkiyon ko phaasne wale Darindey ko. Agar us kahani ne aapka dil dehla diya tha…to aaj ki kahani aapke dil ka murabba bana degi… Agar aapke abba ise padhenge to ho jaega “abba ka murabba”.

Jaise ki humne aap se Vaada kiya tha ki hum aapko vaakif karenge ek aisi chudail se jo chai mein cheeni daal kar sugar patients ko pilati hai. Is chudail ka asli naam janane wale jinda nahi rehte…. Par sugar patients mein Ye “Cheeni Chudail” ke naam se jani jati hai… Apni chikni jawani ka fayda utha kar ye akele mardon ko ghar mein bulati hai aur unhe chai pilati hai. Khaas baat ye hai ki her mards belong to the target segment Men (between 25-35) and who have sugar or diabetes.

Gaur se dekhiye is chudail ko

Dekhne mein to ye ek jalpari Jaisi hai par iski sunahari julfo se dhokha mat khaiye.


“Dikhne mein hai Jyoti, but chukhne ne mein hai jwala… Normal logo ke liye sheela aur sugar patients ke liye maut ki raasleela!!!”

Iske kisse sun kar aap thar thar kaap uthenge. Ye kahani hai Dilli ki us raat ki jab Sharma uncle aur aunty circus dekh kar laut rahe the. Circus boring thi to Sharma aunty ne kaha ki unhe ice cream khana hai. ice cream khane ja hi rahe the ki pados ke Newly married mr. And mrs. Singh bhi wahan aaye. Dono pariwaar gappe maarne page. Sharma ji ne butterscotch khatam kiya, tabhi mr. Singh ke liye sugar free ice cream lane hi Gaye the ki … Singh ji gayab ho Gaye. Is chudail ne unhe apne changul mein phaas liya tha. Singh ji to ghar nahi laute, par aisa aapke pati ke saath na ho isliye aapka ye farz banta hai ki jaise hi aapko is “Cheeni Chudail” ka pata lagta hai to hume bataye. Cheeni Chudail ke aaur bhi dil dehela dene wale kisse hum aapko aane wale dino mein sunayenge. Agle hafte hum dekhenge us Darindey ki kahani Jo bina deo lagaye lift mein chadta tha

Hajmola wala!!!


Is khooni darinde ko dhyaan se dekhiye (Image not available). Dekhne mein to ye maasoom hai par iski bholi bhali shakal par mat jaiye. Apni bholi shakal ka fayda uthakar ye maasoom ladkiyon ko apne jhaasein mein phasata hai. Not only that, but also ladkiyon ko phaasne ka iska tareeqa bada hi naayab hai. Ye phasata hai ladkiyon ko dekar sirf ek HAJMOLA!!!

Ye kahani hai pichhle month ki… Andheri mein andheri raat mein call centre se kaam kar ek ladki ghar ja rahi thi. Uska naam tha Mona, but little did Mona know ki uski kismet mein nahi tha us din ghar mein sona!!!! Raat ko jaate waqt Mona leti thi auto. Usi raat looney darinda bhi waha sadak par pop corn kha raha tha. Tabhi usne Mona ki payal ki chhan chhan suni. Payal ki aawaaz se uske andar ka haiwan ek werewolf ki tarah jaag utha. Usne ladki ko di HAJMOLA. Pehle to Mona ne door bhagne ki koshish ki. Par HAJMOLA imli ka tha aur Mona phas gayi. Looney ne dekha Mona ko akela aur dekar HAJMOLA baja diya abla ka tabla.

Yeh to sirf ek kahani hai is haiwan ki haiwaniyat ki. Yeh Mona aapki bahu, beti ya biwi ho sakti hai. HAJMOLA dekar ladkiyan phaasne waale is haiwan se agar apni maa behen ko bachana chahte hai to hume khabar kijiye.

Agle hafte hum dekhenge us khooni chudail ki kahani jo chai mein cheeni daal kar sugar patients ko pilati hai. Tab tak ke liye alwida.