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Why are we treating Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar as untouchables?

Why are we treating Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar as untouchables?

If Sachin Tendulkar is the world’s best cricketer and Lata Mangeshkar the best playback singer in India, then why are we treating them like untouchables? Untouchability was abolished long back then why do we still separate some people from the masses and don’t allow others to joke about them?

The fact is we in Indian society have designed a way everyone is supposed to live their lives. Any variance will be dealt with strictly and we will go after you. The problem is, you won’t realize the danger unless this rule is applied against you.

To get a context of what I am saying, you need to first look at the below clip by AIB’s Tanmay Bhat.


A lot of people are upset about Tanmay’s video saying that he cannot disrespect Sachin or he should not talk about Lataji’s death. The harsh reality is that everyone dies. God forbid if that day ever comes for these two legends, I have no idea how I will react, but I know one thing for sure, on that day, death won’t discriminate. If death does not discriminate between the successful or unsuccessful, the rich and poor, why should comedy?

Tanmay Bhat is a comedian and you might not like his style of comedy. It is your right to do so, but blowing things out of proportion is unnecessary. People say that insulting these legends is not comedy. I say what’s funny is not insulting. In a world of your word v/s mine, there are no winners. If you find it funny, laugh about it, if you don’t, just ignore it. A comedian’s job is tough. He will do anything to make you laugh. Make fun of his parents, wife, siblings, grandfather, political situation, religion, sportsperson etc. In this noisy world, people these days have become so snobbish that is difficult to make them listen to you, leave alone make them laugh. Under such circumstances, by tying a comedian’s hands further, we are muting few voices that are willing to speak up.

I also understand that a political party has filed a case against Tanmay Bhat. This is the same party that has been under fire for making speeches and has had its freedom of speech under threat. In that case they should know the best how it is to be at the receiving end of something so horrible. All of us want to speak and when someone tells us what to speak and what not to speak, it hurts? You are like, “Tu hi bol le bhenchod!!” (You say it brother of a beloved sister).

Above all, the fact is Sachin and Lataji both are not expected to be upset about this. They might be too preoccupied with what they are doing. Knowing Sachin, he might not react to this, but may come out of retirement, score a century and answer him with the bat. On the other hand Lataji doesn’t’ even have to say anything she can just sing about it with that beautiful voice of hers.

What we can do is, just wait and watch as once again, the more important issues have been overshadowed by a simple joke, which was unintentional and above all really funny.

We need to stop treating people like untouchables even if it’s the god himself (or herself) and start treating jokes as jokes.

These weird Asian Music Videos will make you question your entire life!!!


Watching these weird Asian (the American version of Asian i.e. excluding Middle East, Russia, Indian Subcontinent etc.) songs will make you question the sun, the moon, the stars, your wife, kids, dogs and everything around you. From lot of movies we have seen, we already know that the Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asians like it weird. There is ‘Middle East Weird’, ‘American Weird’, ‘European Weird’ and then on a completely different dimension, there lies the Asian Version of ‘Weird’ which has always been a notch above the rest of the world. For example, people who want to watch a fucked up horror movie usually lookup for ‘Fucked Up Japanese Horror’ or ‘Japanese movies that will Fuck You in the brain’ etc. Similarly, I landed up on this video called the ‘Awesome Asian Song’ and that’s how it all started.

  1. Awesome Asian Song

Believe it or not the video is called ‘Awesome Asian Song’ uploaded by the ‘Least creative person’ on the planet, who could not find a better name. This is a track by Kineski Narodnjaci and featuring Ivo Zvan.

As per ‘Mr. fakeeminem2k6’, the song is about three people who are happy after having Dog Soup. Though a simple translation of the first verse will tell you what the song is really about,

johnny moe phoned me on from my I cry alone, foam foam, ten ten, town to chum, young gay law. You done run me from my grandma, I cry alone.. me so horny I’ll drown all gone and run gay law. I so sad in my zone zone.

This is not the only song my Kneski Narodnjcai, and there are quite a few that would make the list, but I think this guy deserves a dedicated blog post. I will leave you with one more short video from this awesome dude, which is a must watch.

  1. Diarrhea Dance

Alright, QUIZ TIME!!!

  1. What would you do, if you see a cute Japanese girl holding her stomach?
  2. Get three more chics and make them work out to “I have a bad case of Diarrhea”.

Not exactly a music video, as this is from a Japanese Television series called ‘Zuiikin’ English’. Back in 1992, the Japanese people tried to learn English with the help of these videos. The series combines English language lessons with gymnastic exercise programs.

Another video from the series is again a hit, “How dare you say such a thing to me”, which obvisouly ends with a famous ‘English’ phase, ‘Hasta la Vista’.

  1. Random Japanese Music Video

I am totally speechless after watching this video and clueless about its existence. So, I am going to leave it at that, but this is definitely as weird as people who order fake shit.

  1. Aīn! Dance no Uta

It is done by a band called MiniMoni in collaboration with comedian Ken Shimura. I think the video has hypnotic ability. Even though it is meant for KIDS, it is awesomely enough to fuck up your mind too.

  1. Rollin Wang’s Chick Chick Song

The Chinese Pop Star, WANG Rong, aka Rollin Wang has tried to create a new viral that is supposed to be the next Gangnam Style. The video lacks the fluidity to become the next Gangnam Style, but has everything else, Chicken, Topless Men wearing weird masks, crazy singing, more chicken and I think, the Chicken drinks beer in the end and burps, which makes this video a complete package. IT might not become as popluar as PSY’s Gangnam Style, but definitely on a weirdness scale, it leaves Gangam Style way behind.

  1. マキシマム ザ ホルモン “え・い・り・あ・ん by Maximum the Harmone

As I was planning to wrap up this list with Rollin Wang’s Chick Chick Song, I stepped on ‘マキシマム ザ ホルモン “え・い・り・あ・ん’ by Maximum the Harmone. I have retained the Japanese name, as I am still trying to figure the out a much more English looking name.  This one is for all the rock fans. The good thing about the video is, unlike the rest, it slowly towards weirdness.

The user reactions to these videos have been really hilarious too.  I am quoting some of them below –

‘thank god for the subtitles, without them the song would not make any sense’ – Marcvie J. (the subtitles are in Chinese)

 ‘I dare someone to through town blasting this on their radio. Bonus points if you do it through chinatown NYC.’ – MajoraMajesty

‘Japan is really a gift to this world’ – I’M Denise

but my favorite, which completely resonates my thought….

‘Sometimes I ask myself….. How the hell did I get to this side of YouTube?’ – LOLNOOBCAKES

Jab le hamra ke tu na debu (Remix to Raja Raja Bhojpuri)


If you still don’t know Radheshyam Rasiya, I would recommend you pick a garbage bag and perform erotic asphyxiation on your dog or cat or mouse or whatever pet you have or you can checkout my other post

This legend rose to fame with the classic video… Raja Raja Bhojpuri

Usually, for every musical legend, there is an idiot who creates a remix to spoil the legend’s hard work. But this time DJ Mirchi Mix had got it right. Now this DJ Mirchi mix is no newbie and is known for his award winning tracks “Nathuniya pe goli maare” and “Lehenge se lage hawa” . I have to admit, DJ Mirchi Mix has done justice to the original video (to be discussed later). He has not taken it to the next level, neither has created a masterpiece, but DJ Mirchi Mix has created a simple and ‘a dil ko chhoo jaane wala track’, which really picks up towards the end. There is a 47 sec music sequence, right in the beginning, before the singing starts. This gives you ample chance to check out the lead item girl (in two different dresses revealing different set of curves) and the side kicks, obviously wearing skimpy outfits. There is enough footage of the of the interesting body parts (which will keep you glued to the screen). All in all, a good video addressing the interests of all demographic sections. So, without further ado,  I bring to you Raja Raja Bhojpuri Remix by DJ Mirchi Mix. Hope you enjoy.

Fifty shades of Radhe Shyam Rasiya…


rsr1 It’s been almost a year now. It was last year at a Kanti Shah theme party, “Kanti Bina Shanti Nahi” that I was first introduced to Radhe Shyam Rasiya. Those who don’t know who is Radheshyam Rasiya Ji, have been simply wasting their lives. Those who know him, must have seen him in the video “Raja Raja kareja mein samaja”.

When Radheshyam Rasiya ji says “Bahiya mein kasike saiiyan, Maar lo kachakach”, the crowd goes bizzare. Not just the crowd, the Genelia look alike dancer too cannot control herself and half way through, i.e.after ‘Bahiya mein Kasike Saiyyan’, she ends up shouting “Hai Daiyyan” (the seductive kind). Well this is the magic of Radheshyam Ji. The video really takes off towards the end, with Psycho type screaming, which will put Mr. Hitchcock to shame. I did not see any other Radheshyam Ji videos after that for a long time. I thought Radheji to be a one hit wonder. But I was just being ignorant. Last week when i searched again for Radheshyam Rasiya Bhojpuri songs, I was surprised and shocked. A shock that lasted for almost a day.

The song is all about mathematics and counting. Well, everyone cant count, but what makes the difference is how you count. For example, we all know the finite series, 2,4,6,8,10. But the way Mithun Da counts is Gunda (do char cheh aath dus, bas) is something special and unique. Radheji also attempts something similar in this video. But due to his immense respect for Mithun Da, he decided to stop at 7. While the Genelia body double is there in this video, but her importance is slightly reduced, as she is just one among many here.

So, what is so special about Radheji anyways???

rsr2 What I understood is that Radheji has a unique and methodical approach to his videos.

  1. The girl in the tries to say something (she doesn’t say that to us, only Radheji can understand
  2. Then, Radheji understands and interprets it (Only he can decode those signals)
  3. He also analyzes that, so quickly that, he will put any IIM or IIT grad to rethink their education
  4. Then he presents his findings in “THE” authoritative manner, like it is a prophecy
  5. Approval received from the girls get proper representation in for of “Hai Daiyyan” and “Maar Daala Re” and “Ooh Aaah Ooh Aaah”
  6. Audience not only applaud, but also appreciate and celebrate in form of dance. This is shown at proper intervals in his videos.
  7. His signature move of “Pumping Fists” has close resemblance with “PSY’s” Gangnam Style. This is used in all the different videos, and depending on the situation, either he pumps in the air, or near the female lead dancer’s butt or breasts.
  8. Last, but not the least, the music is uber energetic. It will just get you off your feet in a jiffy. Some of his videos, due to the mixing abilities of his crew, will force PVD and DJ Tiesto to turn the turntables.

All said and done, Radheji seems to be a free spirited soul, and can in no way be restricted to the above framework. rsr3 Still, some of the aspects will be clear from the videos that follow. For example the next video, “Lehnga Utha De  Remote Se” shows Radheji’s vision for the future. A remote to lift women’s skirt, come on… every guys dream. But, mind it, the song has no vulgar intention. It is just a celebration of innovation and Radheji’s dreams. As they say, “Jahan na Pahuche Ravi, Wahan pahuche Kavi”. On similar lines, “Jahan na pahuche Dadaji, Wahan pahuche Radheji”. In the next video, Radheji goes straight for the jugular (read JUGS and read it aloud!!!). On deep inspection one can see that the song is of interest to both Obama and Kim Jong Un. He has identified two huge atom bombs in his sister in law’s blouse. The video is also important, because Radheshyam Ji reveals his full name – “Amitabh Ranjan Radheshyam Rasiya”. In the following video, Radheji has taken it to the next level. jernator This is the only video in the world to start with a generator sound. The cover is misguiding. In the beginning, you will notice that name of the video is “Bandh kar Jerenator” and Radheji pronounces as “Jerenator”, so does the chorus. The mixing in this track is phenomenal. The song is a struggle by several people to stop the running jerenator. The struggle lead by Radheji, soon becomes a revolution, which they win in the end. The jerenator stops, but the song will go on, as you can’t just watch this once.

Though Radheji is a superstar, but is no narcissist. Sometimes, he prefers to take the back seat by just singing. Still, you can feel Radheji’s presence throughout the video. Next video, choch se choch satake will illustrate this. A man and woman fight on behalf of their rooster and hen.  The real star in this video is the old fellow with blue t-shirt. He will make you believe that yes, Viagra does work.

And yeah, Radheji also has a softer side. His video, “Dosto Kya Ho Gaya” describes a tale of treachery and broken heart. A really touching song, which will make you think twice before falling in love again. The music in this song is rare nowadays in Indian music industry. When the nation is moving away from its roots, there are folks like Radheji who still remind use, where we belong.

Radheji is a powerhouse of talent and the list of the videos is endless. I will try my best to capture those videos in sequels to this post. His every video is unique and specially crafted. Radheji is an unsung superstar, already on his way to becoming a legend. His video, Fatafat Dalela endorses this. The specialty of this video is his entry. ‘HE SIMPLY APPEARS!!!’.

The above video was the final nail in coffin for me. I was rendered speechless and I am in loss of words for praising Shree Shree Amitabh Ranjan Radheshyam Rasiya ji. I will leave you (if you have lasted this long in the post) with some of his in action photos and some pictures of his legendary creations.

haukab hoifatatfat dalelafoluona fat gayika ho na koi