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This is what a Mumbaikar has to say about Pune!!!

This is what a Mumbaikar has to say about Pune!!!

Pune is a strange city with weird traffic rules of its own. Every two-wheeler comes with an inbuilt traffic cop, who makes up rules on the fly. The only rule followed here is “Rules Chya Aai Chi”, which means “Screw All Rules”. I moved to Pune last year and people here almost drive everywhere, and everyone thinks they are driving a Ferrari. Someone new to Pune will find this traffic more confusing than Bollywood film affairs. This and few other things about Pune are captured beautifully in this short but sweet video by Mandar Bhide, a Pune-based comic.  Mandar Bhide, a Marathi boy from Mumbai sells chocolate for a living and tells jokes for getting a life. He moved to Pune last year but spends most of his time on the expressway. This video is a must watch for all Punekars and especially those studying in Symbiosis!!!


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It’s 2016 and you’re back to your shitty life!!!

It’s 2016 and you’re back to your shitty life!!!

2016 – year that promises change, hope and love for all. Nothing of that sort is going to happen. Now that the New Year hangover is gone, welcome back to reality. The difference between life and a horror movie is that horror movies end, usually with a sigh of relief. Life on the other hand gives you moments of respite and then you are back to the same old bullshit, until you die. Once you are dead, you cannot make amends to the script.


Photo Credit: Xinom Devianart

Chapter 2: What you can do differently in 2016?

You cannot change your life, because you are a passionless pumpkin who has screwed it in unimaginable ways. You have been chasing dreams that others had projected for you. You are in a desert and you soul is thirsty. People around you are like vultures waiting for you to slip. You are trying your best to keep up, but deep down under you know you’re really close to giving up.

Give Up

The world has been unjust to you because it’s an unjust social structure that we have designed. It is not all bad though, as once in a while you will approach an oasis in the form of festivals and holidays. These watering holes are something we look forward to, but that’s where the real predators are hiding. You buy gifts that your family, friends and relatives don’t need. You spend your hard earned money to buy that for them, so that you can buy their goodwill.


You may gain a false sense of pride and love, that will give you the strength only to reach the next watering hole. This never ending journey will keep getting tougher are you will keep getting weaker. Once you get used to these watering holes, they will slowly start disappearing only to reappear in the form of meaningless mirages, waiting for you to lose your sanity.

Chapter 3: Is there anything I can do about it?


  • Stop trying too hard to make others happy.
  • Trust no one. Not even your parents or your loved ones. Work towards your happiness, not theirs.
  • Just feed your kids and leave them on their own. Once they figure out the meaning of life themselves, that will be the beginning of their journey to realization.
  • Don’t feel bad for others. Your life sucks more than theirs.
  • Give up on the chase and start running on your own. That will be much more fun.

Most importantly, if you are tired, just give up!!!