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2017 – Year of entitled f*#ks!!!

2017 – Year of entitled f*#ks!!!

2017 was the year of entitled fucks. The kind of fucks who think the world gives a fuck about their opinion. They believe that world leaders are going to read their Facebook post and feel bad for their actions. Breaking News – you are an idiot. There are regular idiots and then blue tick idiots. We should stop giving people the importance they don’t deserve.


A lot of things have been happening in this world. You know you go into a jungle there is some disturbance, all the monkeys start shouting, that’s pretty much how we behave. We have no idea what the controversy is, we have no knowledge whatsoever, still we think that we know everything and act like we can solve all problems. Any Facebook post that starts with, “In my opinion… blah blah blah”. Well, your opinion doesn’t matter. You are like a retarded donkey, who keeps honking and the kids look at him and keep throwing stones at him. Even donkey has more brains than these entitled fucks, who think their voice is going to change their world.

Most of the times these idiots have their personal life in doldrums. They have no idea where their careers are going, they have a lot of frustration and these Facebook or Tweets are the only way these idiots can remain significant. They cannot solve the most immediate problems and hence keep blabbering here and there. Every time there is a breaking news, these idiots change their sphere of expertise. It can vary, from history to politics to economics etc., but it will still remain insignificant.

I am an insignificant person and I have come to terms with the fact. You are too. Please accept that. No way you can change the world. No one gives a shit about you or the way your pet thinks about ISIS or Hillary or Kim Jong Un or any other person. When I read your insignificant Facebook posts, I feel like you are a beggar begging for attention. Look at me and my balls. How small they are. Rather than making an impact in the real world, I am yelling at the top of my voice on Facebook. Well fuck off!!! Nothing is going to change.

As much as I would want you to shut the fuck up, I would prefer if you die. No one cares about you or your feelings. Your departure will bring happiness and peace. So good bye and fuck off!!!

Hajmola wala!!!


Is khooni darinde ko dhyaan se dekhiye (Image not available). Dekhne mein to ye maasoom hai par iski bholi bhali shakal par mat jaiye. Apni bholi shakal ka fayda uthakar ye maasoom ladkiyon ko apne jhaasein mein phasata hai. Not only that, but also ladkiyon ko phaasne ka iska tareeqa bada hi naayab hai. Ye phasata hai ladkiyon ko dekar sirf ek HAJMOLA!!!

Ye kahani hai pichhle month ki… Andheri mein andheri raat mein call centre se kaam kar ek ladki ghar ja rahi thi. Uska naam tha Mona, but little did Mona know ki uski kismet mein nahi tha us din ghar mein sona!!!! Raat ko jaate waqt Mona leti thi auto. Usi raat looney darinda bhi waha sadak par pop corn kha raha tha. Tabhi usne Mona ki payal ki chhan chhan suni. Payal ki aawaaz se uske andar ka haiwan ek werewolf ki tarah jaag utha. Usne ladki ko di HAJMOLA. Pehle to Mona ne door bhagne ki koshish ki. Par HAJMOLA imli ka tha aur Mona phas gayi. Looney ne dekha Mona ko akela aur dekar HAJMOLA baja diya abla ka tabla.

Yeh to sirf ek kahani hai is haiwan ki haiwaniyat ki. Yeh Mona aapki bahu, beti ya biwi ho sakti hai. HAJMOLA dekar ladkiyan phaasne waale is haiwan se agar apni maa behen ko bachana chahte hai to hume khabar kijiye.

Agle hafte hum dekhenge us khooni chudail ki kahani jo chai mein cheeni daal kar sugar patients ko pilati hai. Tab tak ke liye alwida.