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These hilarious spoofs of Kinley ad are amazing!!!

These hilarious spoofs of Kinley ad are amazing!!!

Remember the latest Kinley ad (the one with Ashish Vidhyarthi), where the girl lies to her father and goes to Lonavala with her boyfriend. One thing leads to another and she loses her virginity. She feels guilty, decides to call her dad and confess. Of course, she cannot tell him the full truth, but she does confess that she is out with her friends. Well if you do not remember, you can refresh your memory by viewing the below YouTube video again.

Well many Indian YouTube users have created some amazing spoofs. Some of these videos are created by professionals like Gaurav Gera, while most of them are by amateur users. While most of them are crap, below two videos are pretty fun and a definite one time watch. I will spare you the description, as the videos are short and have a nice funny twist.

  1. Baap and Beta version

2.  Boond boond mein ‘Kink’