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Did you know that you can make wine out of poop?

Did you know that you can make wine out of poop?

“What comes out of our butt, shall not go back into our system!!!”

This is nature’s most important rule. Still, every once in a while, there are some humans who think otherwise. If life throws surprises, YouTube throws shocks. As you all know there are two sides of YouTube – The dark side and the bright side. Videos of the dark side evoke a particular set of reactions –

Why am I here???

What am I doing on the wrong side???

Oh no … not again…etc.

One such jewel from the dark side is this video uploaded by Comedy One, featuring Suresh Menon as Meer Jakib Bahadur.

Mir Jakib Bahadur

Now, Suresh can do anything in this world with a Mallu Accent. This time he ‘does’ a Nepali watchman in MJB Cookery Show and that is the least weird thing about the video. Meer Jakib Bahadur shows a video where his Japanese aunt, Uka Uchida goes to Korea and learns how they make wine out of poop, yes I said it, “Wine out of Poop!!!”. Video is 3.14 minutes long and after watching this you’ll say, “Meri Pie Pie Lota do”. If you have a weak heart, do not watch this video. For the courageous ones, “Aao dekhte hai sandas se daru kaise banate hai” (Let’s see how they make wine out of poop)